The Publicity App

Created by the Top PR Consultant Firm of the Year - USA

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The Publicity App

Created by a top NYC PR firm, The Publicity App teaches you how to create a timely, targeted and customized narrative for your media campaign. It includes real life examples of successful media campaigns and contains interactive games that strengthen your understanding of the PR industry.

The Publicity App is the ultimate PR Playbook that guides you through the narrative and story generation process. It walks you through the different steps required for launching any publicity campaign and details strategies for the different types of PR goals, including: 1) Launching a Startup 2) Generating Revenue 3) Publicizing an Event 4) Establishing Credibility 5) Building an Online Presence 6) and Managing a Communications Crisis.


Create a Media Narrative Identify Unique Story Angles Perfect the Message of Your Campaign Identify Journalists and News Outlets Build PR Knowledge with Games

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